Picture-Designer - Picture folder

Picture folder

When creating a collage you usually need pictures from a directory. To have this in quick access, you can view the images of a folder in the bottom.

The middle black bar indicates the current directory. Just click on it to open a selection dialog, with which you can then select a new folder.

With the buttons + and - you can reduce or enlarge the pictures in the directory.

There are 2 arrowheads at the top left of the image selection area. If you press the arrow upwards, the entire application area is available for image selection.

If you press the arrow down, the image selection area disappears and you have additional space available for editing the collage.

By pressing and holding the mouse button on the upper edge, you can set the available area individually.

There remains the selection of images for editing in the collage. If you want to insert a picture into the collage, there are several ways:

  • Double-click with the left mouse button.
  • Right-click and click Load Picture in the context menu that appears.
  • With the left mouse button, grab the image (drag down mouse button), then drag the mouse to the working area and release it there (drop the mouse).

It is also possible to take several pictures at the same time. To do this, press the <Shift> key to highlight the first and last picture in the list. All pictures in between are marked.

If you want several non-contiguous images, press the <Ctrl> key while selecting. This will expand the selection each time you click. If you select an already selected picture in this way, it will be removed from the selection.