Picture-Designer - Download


Download the Picture-Designer for Windows 64 Bit or follow the Installationguide for linux.

Picture-Designer 0.6.6 is available since december 28, 2020

An error in the picture folder was fixed. Now the filetypes bmp, tiff and gif are shown in the preview dialog as well as in the picture folder. In version 0.6.5 you could only get them with drag & drop from the desktop.


Version 0.6.6 Windows 64 Bit

InstallerPicture-Designer 0.6.6 64Bit_setup.exe     
SHA256: 027759ed448f0fa662a5642ef9a65406a60fbd07c566a11050a98ff3bd80f06a

Zip-Archiv: Picture-Designer_v0.6.6_64Bit.zip  
SHA256: de67026e7e39a995f935a6506182231a403b7191426e8c394a08dbdee594dc5b


Version 0.6.5 Windows 64 Bit

InstallerPicture-Designer 0.6.5 64Bit_setup.exe     
SHA256: 41a6848b8b983d9950bc7139222b6157da67299df0f3c726d841f446ecc4fa3a