Picture-Designer - Create a collage

Picture - Designer

The slightly different image editing. With the Picture-Designer you can create your own collage. The program is

  • Easy to handle
  • Great in result

Whether you want to merge 2 images into each other, or need twenty smooth transitions. Whether the edge fades out or you just need a transparent frame. The Picture Designer makes life easier.

Picture Designer Shirts example shop opened


With the Picture-Designer a design can be easily realized. Why not equip a T-shirt or a cuddly toy with it?

Our example shows a relaxed polar bear on a cuddly toy. The uploaded design can also be combined with any other products.

Just have a look.

To the shop: picture-designer-shirts

To the polar bear cuddly toy: Relaxed polar bear on cuddly bear

A collage with the children as a gift for the in-laws ensures joyful moments. Does not have to be 40x60cm. Using a color printer and a simple glass picture frame, great results can be achieved even on a small budget.


Collages for company anniversaries, club parties, weddings or just as a holiday reminder are always welcome. Occasions such as communion, offspring or the like, there are always again. Just try it.

How easy it is to create such a collage with the Picture Designer is shown in our media library. There, you can use videos to see how easy and uncomplicated it is. For example making a postcard from your holiday or a large poster for the living room.

The Picture-Designer is suitable for collages of all kinds. What makes the grandmother more happy then the remembership to the most beautiful moments with the whole family in just one picture frame. With your creative foto collage it is easy to order a 40x60cm poster or a framed canvas in a poster service shop. A dreamlike present for everybody.

Download the demo version and experiment. There is guaranteed no additional software and no advertising toolbars. The demo is free of charge and completely non-binding, goes without saying. Have fun !!!

Picture-Designer, Download bei heise